Behind the #DunnerStunner Instagram Hashtag

Those of you who are active on Instagram in New Zealand have probably seen some gorgeous pictures being posted with the #DunnerStunner hashtag attached to them. We caught up with Josh Jenkins of Tourism Dunedin to learn how it was created and how it is working for them.

Who runs the official social media assets for Dunedin?

“The Dunedin NZ social media assets are run by Tourism Dunedin. With all our social media channels we try to focus on good content and driving engagement.

Why have you decided to take up the use of Instagram as part of the brand?

Instagram is the newest of our social media channels. It was a logical choice with photography being a huge part of our brand. We try to focus on good content and driving engagement on all our social media channels and the #DunnerStunner hashtag has been successful at achieving this on Instagram.

How did the #DunnerStunner hashtag start?

“#DunnerStunner was actually started on twitter (by a passionate local) and the growth has been driven by Dunedinites. It’s extended beyond describing the great weather down here and is now for anything and everything positive about Dunedin. We think it’s great and have really got in behind it and driven awareness across our social media channels – including Instagram. We even integrated it as the tagline for last Summer’s marketing!

“I believe the success of the hashtag has been the local community getting in behind it.

Do you see a male or female majority in your demographics?

“I’m not aware of Instagram breaking down demographics but anecdotally I’d say it’s a pretty even split with the most engaged users being ‘digital natives’.

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