– Best Free Cloud Storage is “Made in NZ”

Kim Dotcom can be rude, he’s sometimes obnoxious, and occasionally even arrogant. Although his character may not be appealing to some, he is a brilliant business man who uses the skill that he has to his advantage.

I will refrain from harping on about the Megaupload case since we can probably all agree that we have heard enough about that for a long time. Dotcom’s newest web start-up though, is undoubtedly the best free cloud storage option available. I’ll briefly review them below.

Dropbox | 2 GB

Dropbox is probably one of the most well-known cloud storage services out there. They weren’t the first to join the market, but they got in quickly and put their team to work to make it one of the best services of its kind out there. Dropbox also has programs for Windows and Mac OSX that make it work seamlessly with your file managers. The disadvantage is you only get 2 GB of storage on a free account. You can earn more space with referrals, but it is still a fairly limited amount of space in this day and age where cloud-based services are becoming the norm.

Google Drive | 5 15 GB

If you’re an android geek running Chrome OS, there is no reason why you would not run Google Drive. The great thing about Google Drive is how sharing works so well. Almost everyone has a Gmail address, and a lot have Google Apps addresses. This makes sharing and collaborating a breeze. Users can see updates as they are typed and can chat about it within the app. Essentially very similar to iCloud, Google drive syncs seamlessly with Windows and Android phones. I have personally found it to be less fluid with iOS devices, although this doesn’t surprise me seeing Google’s history with not providing full support for it’s rival platforms.

iCloud | 5 GB

If you have an Apple product, there is no reason not to have iCloud. It is completely unobtrusive, and runs in the background unless you want to open it up and backup your files. An update on your iOS device is updated on all your other devices as well as your Macbooks and iMacs. This includes reminders, changes to pages and keynote, and so much more. If your device crashes, iCloud allows you to restore it wirelessly, and if you lose your device, tracking it is as easy as clicking a button. iCloud does not have apps for other platforms though, and the web-based iCloud UI that can be accessed on other platforms crashes sometimes.

Skydrive | 7 GB

In my opinion, Skydrive is one of the best software products that Microsoft has ever made. Why? Because it has the Microsoft functionality, but it is FREE, which is something we rarely see from Microsoft. Another great feature from Skydrive is the number of programs they have available for all the different platforms. I can download Skydrive on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, on my Macbook, on my Acer netbook, on my iPhone and on my tablets, and they all will work perfectly. Skydrive does struggle with real time updating, but apart from that, this is one of the Microsoft apps that I have actually enjoyed using. | 50 GB

Then along comes Kim Dotcom and Mega. As well as being the most secure cloud storage service in the world, Mega gives you 50 GB of free cloud storage and a simple and clean UI that is rather Applesque. You can also send secure messages. The paid accounts are where things start to get sexy. For 9.99 € a month, I can get 500 GB and 1 TB of bandwidth. That’s enough to back up all my office docs on. For 19.99 €, Kim gives you 2 TB and 4TB of bandwidth. For 29.99 €, things start getting ridiculous at 4TB and 8 TB of bandwidth. Last I checked, I couldn’t even buy a hard drive that was 4 TB for that cheap! Mega has its drawbacks though, the biggest being that there is no official download for Mac, or Windows, and all files must be uploaded via the website. Mobile apps have been released but users report them as glitchy. Files can not be collaborated on with others in real time. I can’t see Mr. Dotcom not changing all that in the future though, and for now, I will continue to use

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