Samsung’s Worst Product gets the Best Ad

We have all seen the Galaxy Gear, or if not, we have all heard about it. Essentially, it’s a “smart watch” that connects to your Samsung mobile device and allows you to control some of it’s basic functions.

The Galaxy Gear was not well received. A review onArsTechnica compares Samsung to the Internet trolls that always comment “first” on a YouTube video or post that has been freshly uploaded. In all honesty, it does feel that way, as though in an effort to be an industry leader, Samsung has indeed been the first major mobile retailer to create a smart watch, but has done it poorly and created a product that has left buyers disappointed.

The ads Samsung produced to promote the product during today’s NHL games are quite the opposite. Their minimal, nostalgic, and may I say, very Apple-esque. All in all, a major improvement over Samsung’s usual “plastic-feeling” ads.

Below is a video from Samsung showing which movies the concept for the Gear were drawn from.

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