Apparently Kiwi Men Love their Beauty – Dion Nash, Triumph and Disaster

There seems to be an entrenched connection between athletes and grooming products. There’s the Beckham line, Michael Jordan’s cologne, and the recent Chris Paul fragrance among many others. They all aim to capture the essence of the man within, to bottle the power and spirit of the player. With Triumph and Disaster, Dion Nash is helping every man, whether he wears a sports jersey or a pressed suit, to define his own essence. After all, is not presentation everything?

Triumph and Disaster is the latest item on the Nash portfolio. After leaving the Black Caps, Dion was involved in several successful business ventures. One of the more prominent items on his record is 420 water, a multi-award winning bottled water company that was later sold to 42 Below. The confidence that playing sport cultivated in Dion has been a key player in achieving the outcome that Dion has enjoyed. “It takes entrepreneurial spirit,” said T&D founder Nash, “but the hardest part is actually having a go. Having an idea and wanting to do something promising is one thing, but having the courage to actually take it on – I probably credit having that with sport.”

And bearing the name Dion Nash on your drivers license definitely comes as a bonus. “Obviously once you’re up and going, just having your name – people know a little bit about who you are. So that helps when you can pick up the phone and ring people to ask for help. Or if you’re trying to sell to someone, they’re more likely to be open to it.”
“I would say that now New Zealand men are very much into looking after themselves, and are sort of proud to be. Part of our challenge when we were making the brand was to make it accessible to guys, and not have them feel sheepish about it. We feel like it’s working really well.”Sport naturally imparted confidence in Dion Nash, but inspiring Kiwi men to be bold with their grooming was surprisingly easier than expected. “We’ve had really good reception in New Zealand, and people really like the product.”

It is working well. Triumph and Disaster products are sold in over 85 locations in New Zealand alone, and many more are being added both nationally and globally.


“The first thing is it’s important to know what your trying to achieve,” Dion says about developing his product lines with manufacturers. “I think that I had a really clear goal for each product, and I was definitely working very hard to make sure each product was how I wanted it, and delivered on a performance level.”

Equally essential was finding the right partners, “people who understood what needed to be accomplished, and you could work with – and who were patient and had the same sort of vision, and put in the same amount of effort to get the results. It does take time – it’s sort of back and forth. You need people who are willing to commit to work.”

Sportsmen are familiar with marketing; they’re brands within themselves. Nash used the experience he gained during his extensive involvement in the athletic and business worlds to market T&D. “The best way to promote your product is how the product looks and how you talk about it. We’re a small brand and we’re just starting so we don’t have big budgets and can’t afford to be advertising too much above the line.”

Substituting wide-reaching advertising with a high-quality product has been Dion’s strategy. “We have to rely on great product and word of mouth, as well as social media and that type of thing. Our packaging is important and the way we speak and the way we interact with our consumers is important. Our best marketing at the moment is the product itself and how we educate our customers.”

Do you think 2013 is a good year to be an entrepreneur in New Zealand?

Yeah it is! I mean it has been a hard year but I think there are people who are working really hard at the moment and putting in failsafe systems. I think it’s a ‘building blocks’ time right now. Doing all the right things puts everything in place for a year or two from now, when the economy really starts to boom. So I think it is a good time. It’s a hard time but if you work hard it will pay off.

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  • Stephanie Peacocke

    Loved reading this article, it seems the products has some
    real integrity behind them. I like the styling & points of difference. Cool
    enough for men to sport in their bathroom cabinets without getting too much
    stick for being a pretty boy. Keep going guys!