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“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs, Apple

Dunedin Light was a free report about a few of the things that Derek Morrison loves, like surf, nature, early mornings at the beach, and the people who share his enthusiasm for all of the above. Each week the report was emailed out to over 5,000 appreciative subscribers.

Now Dunedin Light is rebranding to Box of Light. What this means for you is more stunning photography in your inbox, about more things Derek loves, more often, and in more places.

Originally Derek had planned to make the light a franchise, opening up opportunities to photographers in Gisborne, Queensland, Raglan, and Auckland. Fortunately, being buried in paperwork is not something he enjoys. Even though that model may have brought in a larger paycheck at the end of the month, Derek did not see that as being nearly as rewarding as the beauty he experiences every morning while taking photographs.

The rebrand was done in an effort to expand the content that Dunedin Light was bringing to subscribers. Although originally developed around Dunedin, which according to the Light founder is “possibly the best city in the world,”  Derek realized that the South Island, which he is proud to call home, offers much more magnificence than what can be captured only in Dunedin.

“When we travelled to some amazing places with our other work, we felt it was a little misleading if we did a whole feature in Dunedin Light on the surf in Norfolk Island, Raglan, or Cedar Bay. Box of Light will let us weave that in seamlessly, and even add its own special flavour to the content.”

During the holidays, Derek’s daughter becomes his assistant, and she can be seen in the early hours of the morning alongside him at the waterfront. The creative duo are able to provide a free report every week by having assistance from advertisers. The location-based restrictions that Box of Light’s previous name imposed on them made finding large advertisers difficult. “Some of our discussions with prominent companies ended because of the Dunedin tag, and the idea that it was a small community audience, despite our international and national subscriber base.” With new advertising opportunities available, we can expect to see a lot more exciting content being documented weekly.

The new light will contain an equal split of surf, mountains, and lifestyle, and will be centered around, but not exclusive to, the southern region of the South Island. “We’re still going to be based in Dunedin, with Queenstown added in,” Derek said, “ but we will project a national, [even] international image.”

In 2014, subscribers are going to see the treasured report that was previously only sent out on Tuesday, receive a Friday, at 10:30 addition.

There are also a huge range of new features and services that Box of Light will be able to offer in the future. An example Derek has given us is an accurate update on the current surf conditions for the local area.

“There are about six or seven different reports, and they all say slightly different things. Something we’re working on is consolidating those reports, and being able to put them on the website.” The new internet destination will also feature more written and video content, in the form of personal stories and of course, the Box of Light semi-weekly issues.

Another welcome addition to the light will be a gallery on their website. Subscribers and non-subscribers alike will be given the opportunity to own some of the most artistic and magnificent photographs in the world without leaving the Box of Light web property. In the future, a physical gallery location is not out of the picture.

In summary, the rebrand was undertaken in order to open up more opportunities and provide greater freedom to the brand. There will be a wider scope of content that will be able to be included, more features that will be developed, and a broader range of advertisers that will be partnered with.

If you haven’t subscribed already, you’re missing out.

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