NZ Startup the “Trade Me of Renting” – Rentaholic

Rent your dog out for walks, a bike you’re not using or a tapestry that you don’t really fancy, on a new website based on the idea of a shared economy.

Rentaholic, launched this week and claims to be “the TradeMe of renting”.

So far there are 400 moderated listings on the website – about a hundred are accommodation and the rest are a range of services and obscure items.

Rent a pair of black suede 6-inch Louboutin heels for $20 a day, seek the advice of a metaphysical advisor for $40 a day or borrow some “lush red velvet curtains” for $10 a day.

“Small exciteable Foxy dog called Roxy” is available for walks at $1 a day.

The idea was born about five years ago and has finally launched in Auckland. One of the directors, Barb Anderson said it builds a sense of community.

“The site aims to extend the lifecycle of items in our neighbourhoods, sharing assets and strengthening community ties.”

Fellow director, Robb Huskinson, said: “There is more than enough stuff in the world and its time we ease back on consumption and think more about sustainability.

“Renting and sharing allows people to enjoy life, without living beyond their means. It also allows people to make money from things they are not using.”

We would highly recommend checking out their blog, which has a lot of posts on entrepreneurial spirit. 

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