“Severe shortage” of hospitality staff in NZ

Here’s something you probably aren’t used to hearing. There’s a shortage of staff in the hospitality sector. 3 News has dubbed it a “severe staff shortage.”

Finding a good job in the hospitality sector over the last few years has been difficult. That job market is usually saturated with semi-skilled workers, the pay is low, and the staff turnover is quick and competitive.

That might change very soon.

The Government is removing key hospitality roles from the skills shortage list, because it says there are plenty of New Zealanders who can do the work.

Apparently Kiwis are not applying for hospitality roles, and to keep the top restaurants going, owners are recruiting staff from overseas. Now that the Government is removing the roles of those staff from the skills shortage list, visa sponsorship applications will be denied, and restaurant owners will be left looking for skilled staff.

Susie Nordqvist said “Immigration New Zealand is preparing to remove cafe and hospitality managers from its skills shortage list, and is considering whether to do the same for chefs. But it’s already turning down more visas for foreign hospitality workers.”

“With 150,000 Kiwis out of work, the Government says any skills shortage must be genuine.”

Marisa Bidois, of the restaurant association said, “I think that with fewer skilled people in our industry, the cost of hiring good people is certainly going to be going up.”

536352_400709256650988_2083986713_nThat rising cost will make it harder on entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector.

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