Young entrepreneur starts career with digital publication- Templark, Joseph Daymond

It’s taken some until their late 30’s – even their 50’s to know. They may have worked at mediocre jobs, but found nothing but disappointment. They may have been homeless and unmotivated, and discovered a project worth devoting their time to. What they have in common is that at some point, they all realize that entrepreneurship is their destiny.

Joseph Daymond is 18. He knows. He knows he’s destined to be a great entrepreneur.

The company he’s started is Templark, a digital publication targeted at young men.

“The initial aim was to be a lifestyle / culture / news outlet on a vast variety of interests that young people in particular were passionate about,” said Joseph, “So that meant gaming, style and film as the big ones. I also set out to inspire young people to be creative, and to become entrepreneurial as well.”

Don’t let his age fool you. Joseph is more consistent with his branding and mission than some of the more established businesses out there. Even the name was derived from a game that the majority of Templark’s audience will be familiar with – Assassin’s Creed.

“The bad guys in it are called “Templars” and I just added a “k” to it. The explanation in itself sort of shows people my influence on this entire thing. And that will be an attraction to people in the future. A lot of people also found it pretty funny, and that goes to show that it doesn’t have to all be serious just because it’s business.”

Isaiah Rashad, a musician Joseph writes about


Joseph has drawn a large amount of the inspiration behind Templark from the popular culture blog HYPEBEAST. His only problem with them – they’re too mainstream.

“They talk about the same stuff over and over so I wanted to start something that had a big focus on businesses and clothing brands that weren’t as well-known, but people would be interested in if they saw them.”

That vision runs all the way down to Templark’s monetisation and marketing plans.

“Most websites monetise using advertising, but I  want to minimise that. Right now I’m running a Pledge Me campaign in order to raise funds. The main reason for that is so I can fund the opening of an online store. That goes back to expanding the brands that are lesser-known and are local around New Zealand.”

In the future, Templark will be a diverse company with a large range of products and services in its portfolio.

“I can see it establishing into a lifestyle brand that can expand into other things. We might be able to open up our own clothing brand perhaps, and get into music, and expand into other avenues. I think we’ll be able to enter into a lot of different markets. Obviously thats a long way into the future, but I can really see it going spreading out into that sort of size.

“That fits into my long term career plan of entrepreneurship – starting a business from scratch and then building it into an internationally viable company that is really well known all over the world.”

Having only just launched in September of this year, Templark has already acquired a sizeable Facebook following of just under 500, and his website boasts above average engagement. Joseph Daymond is a force to be reckoned with.

If you would like to share Joseph’s vision, consider donating to his Pledge Me campaign.

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