Coin – all your credit cards in one.

In a world of digital, there is one thing that is surprisingly still analog. The credit card. Not that there haven’t been pushes to make the wallet digital. I can name 4 companies that have made efforts to do that off the top of my head.

Google NFC Payments – Pay in-store with Android phones – Free
ASB Facebook Payments – Pay a Facebook friend straight from the ASB app – Free
Apple Passbook – All your coupons and tickets on one app – Free
Geode by Cache – Use an app to load a card with the details of the one you want to use – $200

Coin is most similar to Geode, except it is much more versatile. The Geode card requires you to have the Geode iPhone case, which the card is stored in and is programmed by. With Coin, you just load the cards on once, and switch between them at will.

“The device will cost $100, but the company is charging $50 for early adopters that preorder now. Founded by former PayPal developer Kanishk Parashar, Coin uses a patent-pending magnetic strip. The reader device employs Bluetooth Low Energy and Coin’s battery lasts two years, according to the company.

With so much energy spent towards turning smartphones into digital wallets, Coin’s idea seems a bit like a throwback, or at least a stopgap solution until those initiatives go mainstream. (Coin’s debut coincided with the U.S. launch of Isis, a mobile wallet initiative backed by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.) Assuming the traditional wallet sticks around for a while, though, Coin might carve its own niche, especially if it can somehow incorporate drivers’ licenses, tickets and library cards, among other stubbornly analog forms of ID.”

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