Wellington entrepreneur wants you to “Get Toasted” – Toast It

Sandwich connoisseurs lucky enough to be living in our capital city just got a whole lot luckier. A local toastie joint has just opened its doors in Wellington – it’s mission: to provide a high quality and unique product in the daytime takeaway industry by reinventing the toasted sandwich.

Toast It has just opened on Vivian Street, and behind those newly renovated walls, the humble toasted sandwich that we have all grown up with, has met the skill and finesse of a gourmet chef.

“We’ve always loved toasted sandwiches,” said Glenn Parker, owner of Toast It and enthusiastic sandwich cognoscente. “In our opinion, the toastie itself needed reinventing. We saw a real gap in the market for a new fast food option, with the idea being to reinvent the toasted sandwich using gourmet, high-quality ingredients.”

It’s those ingredients that sets Toast It apart from other fast-food destinations and sandwich shops. It’s those ingredients that are taking the toastie we knew as kids, and making it a culinary masterpiece.

“We have worked hard on our filling combinations and have endeavoured to source the best possible ingredients. Our bread is freshly baked daily by our local suppliers and we use only free-range chicken, bacon and eggs.”

Glen doesn’t hold back. Take a quick look at the menu and you’ll realise that. There’s literally something to suit every taste, but with that brings with it a requirement for a substantial amount of capital.

In addition to that, Toast It has also been fully staffed from day one.

“We felt it important to train all of the staff immediately and get them up to speed with running the shop so that we will have as much opportunity as possible to work on building the brand.”

Glen is an entrepreneur as well as a chef, and is as financially prepared for the opening of Toast It, as he is for the inevitable onslaught of hungry Wellingtonians.

“As we knew we would have a full staff [from opening day], we have treated the initial cost of wages as a set cost and budgeted accordingly.”

Toast It has also taken a cautious pre-launch route, and has not done a lot to generate hype other than use theirFacebook and Twitter accounts to keep people notified.

“We really wanted the opportunity iron out any kinks early on without disappointing customers. Once we are satisfied that our systems are running smoothly we will look to push advertising in the weeks to come.”

Glenn is now focusing on building Toast It into a wholesome and respected brand, whilst ensuring that it is scalable.

“We see potential in the business and have built a business model that would be conducive to franchising.

“We think multiple stores is a real possibility, but for now, we are focused on our initial store and providing people with the best toastie in Wellington.”

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