Stolen Girlfriends Club will not steal your girlfriend

Stolen Girlfriends Club. If you live in New Zealand and you know what the word “style” means, you’ve most likely heard of it. Or even if you live in Australia, the UK, US, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea or Hong Kong, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re familiar with the name.

The fashion label, started by Kiwi entrepreneurs Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, has found success worldwide by attracting the bold, expressing the meek, and hinting at rebellion.

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s will not steal your girlfriend, although their products may persuade your girlfriend to steal your wallet, for which they are not liable. The label’s name started off as the title of an art show that Marc did before the brand started. According to Dan, it was “a little bit romantic and also added Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll to it as well.”

Brand is everything with Stolen Girlfriends Club, and establishing the brand firmly has been the foundation that has kickstarted them into success.


“We had a brand before we were even making clothes,” said Dan, “so really it was all about building a Brand strong enough to get it noticed though social media and then the demand just happened.”

Although they’re in 59 physical stores worldwide, and in 9 online stores, Dan doesn’t see Stolen Girlfriends Club as a big brand yet. Their mission statement is to be a truly international global brand.

“I still don’t look at us as a big brand as such, but we have the plan in place now to take it to where we have envisioned it to be in 5 years time.  There has been a lot of hurdles to jump along the way. Firstly we had no formal training or experience in making clothing, so we had to get other people to make them in New Zealand with small units, which makes our product quite expensive.

“Later we had to change our way of producing product and head overseas, which has another set of problems around it.

“But by putting the right people, with the right expertise in these fields, you can turn a headache into a positive situation.

“In the end we have been lucky with our staff and our current staff are doing such a fantastic job.

“AS you get bigger you have to start thinking bigger. Try to make less mistakes and do all of the basics right, like delivery, quality, and design.”


Stolen Girlfriends Club is not just a label. It’s an experience. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a club. Music has been a big part of making the company what it is today.

“Music is already deeply engrained into the ethos of the brand. Right from the beginning we have referenced or taken inspiration from music, especially in our shows and even in some of our themes of the collections.

“Our first jewellery pieces had guitar picks in them and this has also been one of our logos.

“Music is also present in our future strategy in keeping the excitement and fun side of the brand alive and well, but also creating a more accessible brand.

“We want people to fall in love with the brand time and time again.”

Stolen Girlfriends Club offers free tracks for download on their website.

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Looking back, if you were to do one thing differently when starting Stolen Girlfriends Clubs, what would it be?

Have a pile of cash reserves!

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