Lorde pulls a Beyonce, drops track unannounced

Lorde’s management team is superb.

The viral marketing tactics they implement tend to be very centered on building a community around Lorde, and then using that community to market their tracks, versus the norm we usually see in the music industry of advertising and promotion being used to get eyes and ears. Don’t get me wrong – they do advertise and promote tracks. But what makes headlines for Lorde is what is accomplished through that community

For example, Lorde recently ‘broke the internet’ when she crashed Vevo and YouTube temporarily after she released her music video for Team on her Facebook page.

Now she has made international headlines and shocked fans by releasing an unannounced track – No Better. Beyonce pioneered the move on Friday by dropping a full album exclusively on iTunes, with 14 tracks and 17 videos.

Without further ado, here is the track.


Comment on “Lorde pulls a Beyonce, drops track unannounced”

  1. Brett Hockey says:

    Seems a bit generic to me

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