Canva – make shareable, likeable graphics in seconds

When I discovered Canva, I instantly bookmarked it. Canva is, in my opinion, the best internet startup of the year. Founded by Australian entrepreneur Melanie Perkins, it’s essentially a free drag-and-drop, web-based design service that is ultra-intuitive, and extraordinarily easy to use.

It’s now the holiday season, and most brands are (should be) celebrating the year’s achievements with their fans. We are well aware of the commercialism driving Christmas, but it is still an opportunity to show fans that you care about them as individuals. A great way to do that is to post a graphic to your Facebook timeline, Instagram feed, or email list, and we have found that Canva is the perfect tool to create that graphic.

Canva is currently only available via invitation as it is still in Beta mode. We’d like to give out two Canva invitations to two people. Contact us to claim your account. First come, first serve.


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