8 intelligent and entertaining robots

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8. Wildcat

Robotics company Boston Robotics unveiled the Wildcat in October of last year. Capable of running at 16 mph (25.7 kph) on flat ground, this robot is large and at times clumsy, but the intelligence behind it’s ultra-realistic gallop and turn is in incredible.

7. RHex

The RHex is a 30 lb (13kg), six-legged mean machine made by Boston Robotics. RHex is equipped with a high-resolution RF uplink, and can go forwards or backwards, and operate in both the up-side down and right-way up position.

6. Nao (pronounced now)

Nao is a programmable robot capable of imitating seeing, hearing, speaking, and thinking. Developed by French robotics firm Aldebaran Robotics, Nao has become quickly popular around the world.

5. Big Dog

Another Boston Robotics specimen, Big Dog is a multi-terrain, ultra-intelligent robot that is capable of recovering from disruptive situations such as being kicked or slipping on ice.

4. Sand Flea

Yet another product of Boston Robotics, this little robot should not be underestimated. Sand Flea weighs 11 lb (5kg) and is capable of jumping 30 feet (9.1m) from a standstill.


ASIMO is probably what we envision when we think of robots. The Honda-developed humanoid was designed to be a helper for people. ASIMO can understand gestures and spoken commands, recognise voices and faces, open doors, carry objects, push trolleys, and climb stairs.

2.¬†Masahiko Yamaguchi’s Bike-Riding Robot

Who says robots can’t be cute. This little guy, developed by Japanese roboticist¬†Masahiko Yamaguchi, steers itself and corrects its balance by turning the handlebars appropriately. The bike it rides has one gear and no brakes – it is stopped by the robot putting its feet down.

1. Parrot Sumo and MiniDrone

Just unveiled at CES this week, Parrot’s new robots will put the power of robotics in every household. The MiniDrone is capable of flying up walls and along ceilings and floors with its giant attached wheel. The Sumo can jump incredibly high from a standstill, and can execute 90 degree turns. Read more about it at ExtremeTech


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