QR codes are out, Clickable Paper is in

Marketers have been trying to bridge the gap between paper and digital for years now. The QR code, invented in 1994, presented itself as a viable opportunity at the time, but it soon proved its futility – mostly because people misuse them driving marketers to have a reaction similar to this. Unfortunately, we have seen it being continually pushed to make a comeback from obsolescence for the past decade.

Ricoh, an imaging and electronics company probably best known for its printers, introduced Clickable Paper two years ago, but now iPhone and Android apps have been released. It is proving itself to be a revolutionary QR code alternative.

The app lets you “click” on an image by pointing your smartphone’s camera at it, and once it is scanned a list of URLs are displayed on screen. For most images, it’s an Amazon link, a YouTube video and a website. The app also also lets you tweet or share the information on Facebook. Although QR codes sent users directly to a website, the marketing possibilities with Clickable Paper are much greater and allow for much more creativity.

This video by ricohinnovations on YouTube shows how Clickable Paper is used

The technology vaguely resembles an advanced version of Google Goggles, which lets users search by pointing their smartphone camera logos or the cover of a book, magazine, or DVD.

For now, let’s just hope people stop trying to push QR codes!

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