Dotcom unveils name of political party

It was hinted at and spoken about for a long time. Some took it as a joke. Most though it would never happen.

Apparently most were wrong.

Kim Dotcom just unveiled the name for his new political party. The German-born entrepreneur said that the party, called the “Internet Party,” would campaign for fair internet pricing and no internet data caps.

As a permanent resident of New Zealand, Dotcom is not eligible to stand for parliament, but is able to be president of a political party.

Dotcom will launch his online music service Baboom and release his debut music album Good Times on Monday at a massive party in Vector Arena called Party Party.

In a tweet sent this morning, Dotcom revealed the new political party’s logo.


 Update: A previous version of this article hinted towards the Internet Party launching next week. Kim Dotcom has since confirmed that the Internet Party will launch at a different event at a later time.

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