You won’t be annoyed by noisy tabs again

You know how you’ll be working with 30 tabs open (also known as being productive) and you’ll be playing a song on YouTube or listening to an interview on a website? Then when you’ve had enough of Taylor Swift feat. Goat you have to look through every single tab to close it in increasing amounts of rage?

Well that’s a thing of the past. Hopefully Taylor Swift feat. Goat is too. 

Google just announced a new feature in Google Chrome that will put three different icons at the top of tabs that are playing sound, using the webcam, or being broadcasted to your TV. The icon for tabs playing sound is a little speaker, for an active webcam it’s a red recording symbol, and for tabs being sent to your TV, you’ll have, well, a TV.

Play this and see if you can see the sound symbol.

If not, go to Preferences > Help and see which version you’re using. If you’re below 32, click on “Set Up Automatic Updates For All Users.”

Then restart Chrome, and enjoy being able to eliminate those embarrassing and annoying tabs.


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