Watch Bill Gates lose a game of chess in 71 seconds

A successful person is not always the smartest person in the room. Well, that really depends on how you define success.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in his 2nd year, but got banned from using the school computer after he was caught exploiting bugs for free computer time when he was 13. He later wrote a program for the school that managed the student schedule, and rigged it so that he ended up in a lot of classes with a “disproportionate number of interesting girls.”

Then again, define “smart.”¬†Now Bill Gates is the 2nd richest person in the world.

This video shows Gates playing the Norwegian chess grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen, during a televised gameshow. Bill Gates had a 2 minute timeframe in which to make a move РCarlsen had 30 seconds. In 9 moves and 71 seconds, Gates was beaten.


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