Print is not dead, it’s dying

“Print is not dead,” they tell us as they stock the shelves at supermarket checkouts with the latest headlines and fill the magazine racks with fresh issues. I don’t contest their argument. Print is not dead. It’s dying.

There is truth in statements made by the former media giants who say that print will live on. But in the same way that digital media was once regarded as the minority, so will be print. There’s a few reasons for this.

1. Conversations

The internet has changed us. People were once content with reading the news, then going to their workplaces and watering holes to discuss the new turn in events. Not anymore. Now we want to leave comments branded with our definitively correct perception of what is being discussed, discrediting the author or praising his bravery. It’s just how we have learnt to deal with information after more than 20 years of being constantly plugged in.

2. Sharing

How many times have you seen a picture of a magazine or newspaper in your news feed. You’re lucky if the resolution is good enough for the words to be readable; you’re fortunate if you can glean enough information from it to form an opinion on the piece. We want things, and we want it now. 3 day shipping just doesn’t cut it anymore. Neither does waiting in line at the supermarket to buy your paper.

3. Speed

Going back to communication and the internet, we now have instantaneous access to information. That’s why Twitter is the go-to tool for media. Stuff happens, people take to Twitter (and in some cases, do so before they dial 911), and the whole world is privy to that information. Print media can’t keep up with the pace at which we live our lives.

4. Convenience

Most websites are now responsive and look as good on mobile as they do on a laptop. If they’re not, they need to be. If I’m in an elevator, a taxi, or even on a plane, I can read about what’s going on in Syria or Timaru at the click of a button, without pulling out a 24 page double-folded hunk of flattened dead forest.

5. Format

Rollo Wenlock predicted 2014 was going to be the year of video. Mashable quickly followed suit. We certainly agree. Videos are embedded into websites, and within seconds we can see and hear content, sense emotion through facial expression and vocal tone, and gather a far larger amount of information than we would have in print at a faster pace.

Today we proudly announced our latest venture,, with the launch date countdown timer set to October 6th 2014. will cover news, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion and beauty. We’ll implement modern journalism – similar to how we tell stories here  – and we’ll have multiple writers with multiple points of view.

During the setup time, we’ll be writing on New Zealand Entrepreneurs about how we’re doing everything. We’ll be completely transparent, a true behind-the-scenes if you will, into what goes on in a modern news organisation. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

If you’d like to be a part of this, please email with your CV.

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