We made a four person office for under $2,500 NZD

Recently New Zealand Entrepreneurs relocated to Dunedin.

I was personally fairly excited. New things, new combinations, new possibilities – there’s something about starting fresh that is so rejuvenating.We were also fairly cash-strapped. $2,500 was the budget for everything other than our existing cell phones and computers. This is what we came up with.


The TV on the table is going on the wall opposite the mounted TV. We’re waiting on a stud finder.



Each desk has a spacious cubby to store personal items – perfect for getting those headphones off your desk!


A little bit of Apple to fuel Jose’s obsession. Great for presentations.


Wall-mounted TV’s for planning and presentation. When not in use, they display our Twitter feeds.


Studio lighting for the video interviews.


Tripods for microphones and cameras.


The contents of Jose’s cubby.

  • Furniture: $700
  • TV’s and accessories: $780 (includes Apple TV)
  • Audio equipment: 350 (cables not shown)
  • Lights: $140
  • Samsung WB2100 25MM Camera: $300
  • Accessories and other: $150

Everything shown here was purchased from stores in New Zealand. Do you like it? Leave a comment telling us what you think.


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