Fin turns your palm and fingers into a touch interface

You know how they say the world is at your fingertips? Well with Fin, that statement is entirely true.

Fin is a bluetooth thumb ring that turns your hand into a controller for cars, TV’s, computers, smartphones, and even Google Glass.

Allowing three devices to be connected at once, Fin converts taps and swipes on your hand into controls for your devices, with a numeric pad built in for texting and dialling, and different areas allocated for volume control and other slideable gestures such as answering calls. Other uses, as demonstrated in the video, are controlling your Xbox, taking photographs, giving presentations, and controlling head-mounted displays.

In this version there are 5 pre-programmed gestures, but in its final form the device will come with an app that allows the user to create their own ones.

Fin recently launched an Indiegogo campaign applying for flexible funding. This means that the project will receive funds even if its goal of $100,000 USD is not reached.

The company has 497 Fin Smart Version Early Bird devices to give to those who donate $99 USD ($122.50 NZD) to their project. Shipping to New Zealand is $20 USD. The total you can expect to pay to claim this device and have it shipped to you will be $150 NZD.

Fin has said that the device will retail for $120 USD. Currently 65 out of 497 have been claimed.

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