Introducing the grass-powered robotic lawn mower

It sounds too good to be true, but this little robot actually powers itself off the grass on your lawn.

When you mow your lawn, you waste a lot of biomass in the form of grass clippings. It’s a poor performer in the compost pile, it fills garbage containers quickly, and it’s a nuisance at best. Well talk about turning your negatives into positives.

EcoMow is a robotic lawnmower that uses cut grass as fuel, and turns the excess biomass that is not used into dried pellets which can then be used for power or heat generation.

Although everyone loves this idea, we can’t expect to see it any time soon. The technology is here, we want it, but it’s the investors who are hindering the concept.

Jason Force, creator of EcoMow, told Gigaom that, “A lot of work would have to go into this product to make it safe; don’t run over your pets or children, don’t run into the street and cause an accident. The concern was we would get to the end of the $2 million development cycle and the customers would just decide they didn’t like it.”

Jason will develop a slightly different design, a hay harvester which produces fuel pellets, which which investors are willing to put their money behind.

He says he has not given up on the robotic lawnmower though, with plans to develop it from the beginning of 2016. A small model designed to manicure lawns less than an acre in size might cost $500 and weigh less than 10 pounds.

Part of the EcoMower vision lies in developing impoverished countries. Jason envisions his lawnmower taking the place of a power grid, a pellet producer, and a biomass processor.

“An application I’m pursuing is having little micro grids set up in East Africa where the units would go harvest during the night and then come back and plug themselves in to a power unit during the day and supply power to the local region during the day,” he told Gigaom.

Definitely can’t wait to get our hands on one of those EcoMows!

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