Confide – vanishing email messages comes to iOS

If you’re anything like us, you’ve lamented the fact that there is no service like Snapchat for email.

Lament no more, people. Called Confide, a new iOS app will allow users to exchange messages without leaving a paper or digital trail by sending messages that completely vanish once read.

Instead of requiring people to preinstall the app on their phones before receiving messages, Confide connects potential users through their email addresses, only alerting them when private messages are received.

The app has quickly gained popularity among journalists who are speaking to sources off the record and executives wanting to discuss confidential topics, according to PSFK.

Jon Brod, a co-founder of Patch and Confide, told Gigaom that the app was conceived after one of his business partners, Howard Lerman, wanted to contact him about an employee they were hiring. Lerman emailed Brod to set up a phone call through which they could discuss said employee.

“We’re busy and it took us six days to connect,” he said in a phone interview, explaining why they created the app. “Professional relationships require tools for impermanence and confidence. We wanted to take the proven model of meeting for an off-the-record cup of coffee and bring it online.”

The app is more secure than Snapchat, with end-to-end encryption (which will mean that Confide will not store a copy of the message after it is read) and a feature which deters unwanted screenshots – to read the message, users run their fingers over the text, so that only a few words appear at a time.

There are other similar apps in the market currently, with Wickr, HASH, and TigerText being the more prominent ones, but Confide looks to make a name for itself by targeting professionals.

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