All-in-one stick creates plunger coffee in 30 seconds

Quickstix is as classy as plunger coffee, faster than instant, and smarter than both.

One end of the Quickstix holds ingredients like sugar and whitener, and doubles as a stir stick handle when emptied. The other end is a special perforated paper containing real coffee or tea. When stirred, the coffee or tea diffuses into the water in about 30 seconds.

The Sydney-based company has launched a campaign on Kickstarter asking for $40,000 AUD ($43252 NZD), which will go into buying a sheeting machine. The next two steps, the purchasing and converting the biodegradable paper, and the purchase of a perforating laser head will carried out on Kickstarter in consecutive order to ensure that all 3 goals are reached.

The idea was conceived when David Hopper, founder of Quickstix, recognised the frustration among his 30 coworkers who would all try to make coffee at approximately the same time.

David then created a working prototype by drilling holes in a piece of hose and using yellow earplugs to create the dividers.

“The name Quikstix came from my mother calling out on our farm. ‘Quick sticks David, hurry up!’ The rest is textbook trademarks 101. It IS a stick and it IS quick,” David said.

Backers who pledge $25-$50 AUD can expect to receive their Quikstix in June of this year. Bigger orders will be delivered in July.

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