3D printer turned into air hockey robot

This is a great story. It has many of my favourite things in it. 3D printers, robots, air hockey, hacking, people called Jose – does it get any better?

One end of the air hockey board is mounted with a 3D printer turned robot that uses a computer vision component to see the puck, shoot it back to you, and set up shots when it loses. The vision system was coded in C, “using OpenCV libraries for capturing, thresholding, filtering and segmentation. ”

According to his blog, Jose Julio created it for his daughter who loves air hockey using the electronics prototyping platform Arduino.

TechCrunch put it best: “Instead of helping her make friends, he used parts of a 3D printer and a PS3 Eye connected to a PC to handle video capture and analysis.”

[Tweet ” Julio used a 3D printer, PS3 Eye & PC to make an air hockey robot.”]

Jose (robot creator, not the author of this post) has uploaded the build manual on Google Docs. When I checked it, Google returned an error saying it was “very popular at the moment.”

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