Gigatown Instagram video competition promises 1000 points per entry

If you’re not already using Instagram, you’re going to want to sign up really soon!

Chorus has just announced the Instagram Speed Test Competition, which comes as a major game changer today for all towns participating in the Gigatown competition.

The two week Instagram sub-competition which started at 10 AM, Thursday 13th February, will run until Thursday, 27th February.

Each eligible entry will earn their respective towns 1000 points, and displays of creativity and resourcefulness will be rewarded by the legendary Gigapoints Gnome with five spot prizes of 1000 points.

[Tweet “Each eligible entry will earn towns 1000 points for #GigatownENTER_TOWN”]

Contestants enter by creating a video on Instagram that creatively demonstrates the speed, capacity, and difference between gigabit fibre and today’s broadband.

To be eligible, videos must be:

  1. on Instagram from a genuine account
  2. between 5 and 15 seconds
  3. original (not downloaded from the internet) and demonstrate the speed, capacity, and difference between fibre and broadband
  4. have their description include the town’s short code hashtag AND the hashtag #gigavideo. The short code hashtag looks like #GigatownABC. Do NOT use the long form hashtag #GigatownCITYNAME

Here’s the example video from Chorus.

Towns will also continue to gain points the regular way on Instagram, with population multipliers in place for points generated through hashtag use. The 1000 points each video gives to towns will not be affected by the population multiplier.

Chorus PR and Media manager Elissa Downey said, “You can enter as many videos as you like from the same account, however each entry must demonstrate unique content of the difference between gig fibre and today’s broadband speeds.”

She added, “We reserve the right to disqualify entrants trying to submit the same entry over and over again.”

Chorus recognises that the reward for these entries is larger than most other Gigatown sub-competitions and will not award points to towns with videos that do not demonstrate the speed and capacity of 1 gb/s over broadband.

Watch this video.

Here’s an explanation: The garden hose is smaller in diameter and thus has a lower capacity. Pour 200 litres of water at a pressure of about 70 PSI through it that hose and it will take about 1 minute to all go through.

That fire hose is wider. It has a bigger capacity. 800 litres will go through that hose in roughly 16 seconds at 200 PSI.

The garden hose can be compared to your normal copper broadband, and the pressure is like the speed of your network. Like a garden hose, the copper network is useable. For a small amount of activity, like downloading an email with no attachments, you probably won’t notice a big difference between fibre and broadband. If you try to download a movie though, all that data will be flowing through that small hose and you won’t be able to do much else on the internet – or at least not at an acceptable speed.

The fire hose is like a 1 gb/s connection. Your pressure, or your speed, will be much higher. So will your capacity. Pouring 800 litres – or 800 megabytes – through the fire hose won’t constrict the flow, and you’ll still be able to pour more through the pipe – or use other the internet for other things.

Your video must attempt to explain fibre in a similar way, in 5 – 15 seconds. It certainly is a challenge, but the reward has the potential to up-end the leaderboard.

To record a video on Instagram:

  1. Tap  at the bottom of the app
  2. Tap  to switch from camera to video
  3. Press and hold  to start recording
  4. Lift your finger off the button to stop recording
  5. Tap Next to add a filter and share your video

The Chorus Gigatown competition has seen a boost in activity as students shuffle around and new sub-competitions with high stakes, like this one, are announced. Adding fuel to the fire was Telecom’s announcement that the winning town will be fitted with 5th generation WiFi modems, dubbed #GigaWiFi, in high-traffic locations.

As the quest for the fastest internet in the Southern Hemisphere speeds up, we are seeing more and more innovation around competition strategy, and can not wait to see that applied to startups when Chorus provides the winning town with $200,000 to fund entrepreneurial ventures around fibre, as well as an entire internet infrastructure upgrade.

*Points will be added to the leaderboard on Thursday, 13th March.

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