LEAKED: Photos of the iPhone 6 (allegedly)

Australian blogger Sonny Dickson has a track record for predicting what the next Apple devices will look like. He was first to leak the iPhone 5C, which came in plastic colours. He was also one of the first to leak the casings for the iPad Air, and the iPad Mini with Retina. They were all correct.

We don’t know how he knows. We don’t want to know. All we want to know is what he knows. (Phew!)

From the pictures, we can see that the Apple iPhone 6 will look like a cross between an iPad Air and an iPod Touch. Sonny says that he isn’t 100% sure this is the real back housing though.

One thing we are pretty confident about is that it’ll be lighter and have a bigger screen.

Here are some tweets from a random Twitter account showing pics which seem to corroborate Sonny Dickson’s images.


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