My Five Meals – your personal chef, shopper, and meal inspiration

My Five Meals is a startup in Christchurch that will replace your food shopper, personal chef, and need for meal ideas.

The business, founded by Stefan Warnaar, will pack step-by-step instructional meal cards and a working week’s worth of quick, delicious and healthy meals into a package that cots $130. Christchurch residents will receive free delivery, but the startup says it currently doesn’t have the man power for national deliveries or pick-ups.

Stefan told us in an email, “I know how hard it is to cook good meals and the current solution for many people is not great.”

“I saw many other industries working hard to make it easier and less work for people, but the food industry is still the same as ever.

“I wanted to find the solution for as many people as possible. I found that there are many problems people face with food, whether it be budgeting, time for shopping, lack of cooking experience etc and wanted a simple solution that would appeal to many different people.”

Although his business inspiration comes from first-hand experience, Stefan’s recipe ideas come, not surprisingly, from meals he’s enjoyed in the family home.

“Many of the recipes are my mum’s recipes or adaptations on meals I have been eating for years. I test all the meals at least twice and use my family as testers as well.”

Stefan says the most important considerations for each meal are the taste, and what ingredients are being used. All the components of Stefan’s meals are sourced from local wholesalers.

“We have used fresh, un-processed ingredients wherever possible. All the recipes are carefully thought out to ensure there is a range of meats, vegetables, salads and different ethnic foods.”


Stefan is currently studying chemical and process engineering at the University of Canterbury, and is enrolled in the UC Innovators program. The student-run initiative allows students with bright ideas to execute them while still studying.

The program has helped the Christchurch student by providing him with mentoring and support while he studies.

Currently My Five Meals is targeting students, but Stefan hopes that by the end of the year, families will be signing up.

“I see My Five Meals as a business that could service all the major cities in New Zealand.

“If I can prove that it is viable in Christchurch and build an established and loyal customer base over the next year I will look into the possibility of expansion into other cities and/or increasing the current offering.

“I have a few ideas in my head at the moment.”

We can’t wait to see those ideas become reality.

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