Flocculus Bird – play Flappy Bird from Flappy’s perspective

“Won the internet” gets thrown around too much these days. It should be a sacred compliment, reserved for the likes of Dong Nguyen, who took the internet by storm. Then at the height of the storm, he turned around and crushed it, pulling the top game in the App Store and ruining countless lives.

Clearly this writer is still having typical Flappy Bird withdrawal symptoms, which includes moodiness, irritability, feelings of sadness whenever you glance at your mobile device, and too much free time.

Countless clones have been flooding the market place since Flappy Bird was pulled. Only one really stands out.

[Tweet “”Flocculus Bird” – it’s Flappy Bird from the bird’s perspective using Occulus Rift”]

Called “Flocculus Bird,” the game uses Oculus Rift virtual reality to give you a literal bird’s eye perspective while you play.

The game was created for a Flappy Bird tournament, known as Flappy Jam, where game developers are entering into a contest for the best Flappy “inspired” game. Here is the description.

“Make a hard, almost unplayable game. Use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics. FLAPPY word or gameplay not mandatory. Have fun, be supportive. Hate must not win.”

There are currently about 150 entries, peppered with geeky humour and creativity.

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  1. hgbdlubgf says:

    I like this game…….pewdiepie played this

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