New tool for news site analyses data and helps drive traffic

Brands are being encouraged more and more by marketing experts to become the media in their niche. The pros throw examples at us, like Redbull with its insane publicity stunts and highly-circulated magazine.

But when you work as the media, you need traffic to make your effort worthwhile. Genuine traffic is not easy to come by. You need to spend hours creating content, put a huge amount of effort into publishing and promoting it at the right time, and you need to be consistent.

Echobox is a new analytics tool that wants to help websites operating in the media field get more eyes on their website with recommendations written in plain English to help them increase their traffic. Gone are the obscure graphs and confusing charts.

TechCrunch was given a Beta version of Echobox. This is what they reported.

The first thing you’ll notice about Echobox is the lack of complex charts or rows of data. Instead, publishers are presented with a list of actionable recommendations and insights, generated in real-time, based on their site’s visitor data. For example, it might recommend that a specific article be shortened in length.

Shorten the length of “Illuminators” to 220 words. 75% of your readers left your blog whilst reading “Illuminators”. Usually, merely 62% leave when reading a post. Shorten the length of Illuminators from 355 words to 220 words, which is the length of your most successful posts. Potentially, split “Illuminators’ into two separate posts.

Or Echobox might let you know that an article is proving popular amongst American visitors.

On average, individual posts attract around 291 visitors from the United States. But “Acne Studios In Downtown LA” had 781 American visitors, which is 168% higher than normal.

Or that an image included in an article is being shared more than usual on Pinterest.

This image from “Avedon Women” was pinned significantly on Pinterest. Your average image from your blog might be pinned 1-2 times, but this image from “Avedon Women” was pinned 32 times. This is 1,500% more than usual.

Or how to improve Facebook engagement.

“The Holiday Issue” only received 420 visitors from Facebook, whereas your average post gets around 729 Facebook visitors. Most of your Facebook visitors access your blog on Thursdays around 1.30pm. Share “The Holiday Issue” around that time on Facebook to acquire new Facebook visitors.

As companies move to give consumers better data interpretation, they turn to charts and graphs as their communication medium. They do have their place, but startups are employing data scientists to interpret them and give them written instructions like Echobox does.

The analytics startup has been bootstrapped so far, but is now looking for investment. Echobox has not announced a public launch date or pricing plans.

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