Board game teaches 3 year olds programming

You know how on the back of board games, they have the safety disclosure that says something like, “This game is suitable for children 3+.” This one will teach kids 3 and up basic coding skills using cards and a board game.

Robot Turtles launched a campaign on Kickstarter asking for $25,000. When the project closed, it was the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history, pulling in $631,230.

The game was made by former Google programmer Dan Shapiro, who wanted to share his love for coding with his two daughters. There are various online ways to teach young children coding, but Dan wanted to take the online offline with a cool game children of all ages could play.

“If parents don’t work at Google all day, they might not know the best way to introduce coding and other tech to kids”, a company spokesperson said.

“As the child gets more advanced, they can do more planning and lay down a few cards at once. Coding for kids is huge right now, but a lot of it is screen based because that is the obvious route. This brings the computer world to traditional play.”

You can pre-order the game here. It will ship in June 2014.

You can find instructions for the game on their Kickstarter page here

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