Iron Man interface created – connects to phones, computers, wallets

There’s something about the virtual interface that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) uses in the Iron Man movies that makes it a “Shut up and take my money” for everyone.

Technology, like the Microsoft Kinect, has the ability to sense and track motion, but until Seeper created Seemove, no one had made a system that could track or connect to devices. In the video, Evan Grant, founder of Seeper, shows how he can connect to his phone by simply holding it still while Seemove pulls the files off of it.

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Mashable reports: “The technology will be released as Middleware for developers. Such developers can use Seemove to create apps and other software that are controlled by physical gestures, poses and objects.”

“Seeper is a self-styled interactive arts and technology collective. Grant says that Seemove will soon spin off of Seeper as its own company as is actively looking for investors and interested developers.”


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