Windowless plane streams surroundings on digital walls

When you buy the world’s first private supersonic jet for $80 million dollars, you’re going to want it to go fast. That’s why the designers of Spike Aerospace’s jet have removed its windows, and have replaced them with screens airing the plane’s surroundings. According to Wired, this was done to make the plane as streamlined as possible. Windows can also make planes structurally weaker, which is one of the reasons why planes carrying military personnel or packages fly without them.


Spike Aerospace’s jet will feature wall to wall displays that can stream the outside sky or display ambient images.

In the interview with Wired, Spike founder Vik Kachoria said, “A few advisers and friends are concerned that there are no windows. But I think that if you give them the screens and give them the visibility, you might be able to get away from that.”

The jet will be able to carry 18 passengers at a speed of 1,370 mph, which is  Mach 1.8.

The company has said that it will have the aircraft available by 2018. Guess that leaves us 4 years to start saving!


  1. Charlie Ferris says:

    New goal in life: Fly in one of these!

    1. Jose Mathias says:

      @charlie_ferris:disqus just a casual 80 mill! haha

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