Apple defends LGBT rights before opening factory in Arizona

Apple is a very powerful company with refreshingly modern ideals.

Right now it’s the most valuable company in the world, overtaking Google, Microsoft, and the oil giants. Apple ranks second in the most gay-friendly companies, according to a survey reported on by MacNN, and Tim Cook, Apple CEO, also supports LGBT rights, as was made evident in his acceptance speech for the IQLA Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Cupertino company has chosen to contend with Arizona bill SB1062, which allows employers to “use religious beliefs to discriminate against the LGBT community.”

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Along with many other large companies, Apple has signed a letter asking Arizona governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill. It seems that Apple may have taken it a step further. According to the Arizona Capitol Times, a Brewer spokesperson confirmed that Apple placed a call to the governor’s office to speak directly about the matter, which could be pivotal in the governor’s decision.

Apple has muscle in Arizona, as the site for its new Sapphire Glass plant lies within the state. The plant is expected to create 2,000 jobs and bring millions of dollars into the state, with Apple buying up most of the world’s current supply of the ultra-hard smartphone glass to be processed there.


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