BroApp: your clever relationship wingman

Let’s be honest here. There are some days where we just don’t have time for our relationships. It might be because we’re busy working, out with friends, or just simply sleeping. Whatever the reason, we occasionally don’t have the energy to keep our significant other (or others if you’re so inclined) happy as well.

Well, now there’s an app for that. It’s called BroApp, and its goal is to take most of the effort out of your relationship, in stealth mode.

Using BroApp, men can emotionally satisfy their girlfriends while still hanging out with their bros or doing other activities. The app automatically sends your significant other messages at strategic times of the day, while taking precautions as to not arouse suspicion. For example, it won’t send messages when you’re at your partner’s house, or right after you’ve been there.

Serena Chu, PSFK, reports: “Users can set up what messages they would like to send and what time of day those messages are sent. The app features a ‘Girlfriend Wifi Detector,’ ‘Girlfriend Intrusion Detector,’ and a ‘Recent Contact Detector’ so its stealthy ‘relationship wingman’ presence remains a secret.”

Download the app here.

Additional editing by Charlie Thomas

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