Need to pee? There’s an app for that – Airpnp

Love Airbnb? Here’s Airpnp.

Two “entre-pee-neurs” as they call themselves,  Max Gaudin and Travis Laurendine , created the app to combat a problem at the New Orleans Mardi Gras on Tuesday, March 4th – drunk festival-goers full of beer urinating on the streets.

It’s a real problem. AirPnP is a real solution.

“All of those people are filling up with beer, and that needs to go somewhere,” says Max. “We are doing a public service by trying to ensure less people are peeing all over the streets of New Orleans.”

The service functions fairly similarly to Airbnb, an increasingly popular website which allows homeowners to rent out their housing to travellers and tourists.

With Airpnp, proud toilet owners take snapshots of their bathrooms and upload them to the site, along with their location and rate. Need-to-peers in the area can flick through the images, pay through the app, and use the toilet. After relieving themselves, they can rate their pee experience, and the toilet-owner can rate the peer. It’s all fairly standard toilet-use procedure.

Airpnp admittedly started out as a joke between Max and Travis, who run a website to train restaurants, but they quickly saw potential in the service. The pair then bought a domain and put up a splash page. Since then 1200 people have signed up and the site has been shared 3,000+ times on Facebook.

The duo are now planning on bringing Airpnp to other festivals, cities, and countries. There is no indication that they will make a mobile app for it.

Airpnp did not comment on whether or not a second app is in the works for those in need of “more than a pee.”

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