Little Rich Kids: drawn from a highschool doodle

Little Rich Kids (abbreviated LRK) is a small urban clothing label located in Auckland. They’re trying to combine high fashion and streetwear, striving to become international.

The label’s uniqueness has been present from the day its name was conceived. Luke Hotchin and Michael Morrisey were sitting in English class at school, doodling and brainstorming label names, as you do. The two scribbled together a primitive logo, picked ‘Little Rich Kids’ out of their list of possible names, and then began discussing how they could make better clothing than most other labels out there. It was ambitious, simplistic, and successful. In a stiff high school classroom, a reputable brand was born.


Since that day, Luke and Michael have relentlessly poured sweat, tears and their own money into the label. Their startup capital has come from money earned from their personal jobs, and Little Rich Kids has kept earnings in the business in an effort to continue expanding.

The designers’ inspiration comes from watching numerous streetwear labels – mostly American ones – and following blogs, although Michael adds that they have no one favourite designer. Once they come up with something they like, Michael and Luke spend hours on Photoshop making every detail perfect before sending it to production.

Somewhat ironically, one of Little Rich Kids’ biggest obstacles so far has been not being rich. In the past, a lack of funds has forced Luke and Michael to limit their clothing line to a few tried-and-tested pieces. Moving forward, they hope to be able to unhinge their creativity with more capital available to try new things.

Another obstacle has been their age. “Not many retailers wish to have two 17 year old boys talk to them about what they should add to their stores,” Michael said.

Still, some retailers have recognised the label’s potential, which has given Little Rich Kids a respectable variety of stockists. Online young mens’ magazine, Templark, sells LRK merchandise on their online retail subsidiary, Templark Stock. Takapuna store The Unknown Collective has Little Rich Kids on its shelves, and Chistchurch studio/retail store Wanderer has recently begun stocking the label.

Purchases can also be made from the label’s online store. Michael said, “We have worked very hard on Little Rich Kids in the past few months trying to perfect our business, especially our website, which has been reconstructed at least 5 times.”

The creative duo are adamant about getting their branding and website right while they’re still relatively small, so that they can expand and not have to be concerned with constantly upgrading the website.

In the future, Luke and Michael see their business expanding to overseas markets with a broader range of stock. “Hopefully in the not too distant future we will open a physical stores and numerous pop-up stores to show off our garments to the public,” they added.

In terms of their own futures, the two entrepreneurs see Little Rich Kids playing a big part in their careers as they continue to grow the business and gain public awareness.

Additional editing by Dominique Reed

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