Lent blamed for millions of Facebook deactivations

Worried that some of your friends may be unfriending or blocking you on Facebook or Twitter? That may be because of the season of Lent.

If you’ve never heard of it, Lent is a six-week period observed by many Christian denominations which began last week and will continue until before Easter Day. Observers traditionally give up a habit or something they enjoy, and Catholics are forbidden from eating meat.

A recent survey by the Barna Group revealed that 16% of those who observed Lent planned to curtail their use of Facebook and Twitter. A disappointing 2% of those surveyed planned to give up smoking. The biggest item of abstinence was Chocolate, weighing in at 30%. (Talk about devotion!)

Ratifying these claims, OpenBible.info released its annual list of the top 100 most-mentioned Lenten sacrifices, and found that Twitter sat at 30% among those surveyed. It’s important to note that the item at the top of the list was school. Some smart Christian kids know how to get a 6-week holiday!

With an estimated 2.18 billion Christians around the globe in 2013, social networks can expect to take a hit, and there’s a guaranteed to be at least several Lent observers in your friends list. It might pay to think twice before writing off friends who appear to have blocked you!


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