Power strips can be sexy too. Meet the Powerdrobe

Like most of us, Korean designer Sangki Kim is not a huge fan of the gaudy white power strips that hide behind our desks, feeding a messy tangle of wires with energy.

First he brought us the gorgeous Desk Phone Dock, and now he has delivered the Powerdrobe, which is a stylish iteration of the power strip that certainly will no longer cower behind your feet. The vintage-looking metal box sits beneath your display or all-in-one computer, with its large chrome switches embedded into contrasting circles staring out at you.

On one side there are two USB ports for charging mobile devices. On the other is a mains socket for a US or European power supply, depending on which one you buy. Neither are compatible with New Zealand electrical plugs.

A four-socket version is set to come in April and will cost $40 USD ($47 NZD) while a six-socket version is coming later at an undetermined price.

Most consumers who bothered to comment on articles around the web about this power strip said that, although it looked cool, it was far too big. Some voiced concerns that the large switches will make it too easy to accidentally switch your computer off. Others just wanted to “gut them and make them into home-made amateur radios.”

Personally, I love me a bit of retro.

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