Jafflechutes sells toasties, then parachutes them down to you

Exodus 16:4 “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘I will rain down bread from heaven for you…'”

It seems like David McDonald and Adam Grant, two innovative Melbournites, took this verse as literal inspiration for their startup, Jafflechutes, where hungry locals can order their choice of toastie (called jaffles in Australia), pay for it through PayPal, then stand on an “X” while their food is parachuted down to them. The media was quick to label this a “pop-up concept.” I think the term “pop-down concept” is more fitting.

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News that the Jafflechutes pop-down concept will be migrating to New York City went semi-viral last week, proving that a great product coupled with humour will get people talking (and chewing) every time.

The company’s FAQ page on their website is funnier than 30 minutes of “Live at the Apollo,” answering the question, “Is this a joke?” with a stern, simple, “No.”

Jafflechutes does not discriminate against vegetarians either, saying, “If you’re nice to us on Facebook, we’ll make you a special jaffle, but we can’t promise 100% that it won’t kill you or corrupt your moral values.”

Someone needs to bring this to New Zealand. Entrepreneurship opportunity perhaps?


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