Pocket Drone, coming to a pocket near you this winter

The AirDroids Pocket Drone kicks the micro-UAV experience up a few notches. It’s a folding robot that was designed to carry high quality cameras, like Go Pros, high into the air.

A few factors distinguish this microcopter from others in the market. Firstly, it’s ready to fly out of the box, whereas other drones with similar payload capacity require some assembly. Secondly, it’s independent blades and carbon fiber design make it noticeably lighter, meaning it has longer reach than most of it’s kind while carrying half its weight. And thirdly, the software pack it comes with is, for a lack of a better word, badass.

The tablet or computer-controlled software provides you with real-time flight data, such as GPS strength, artificial horizon, altitude, and heading. It also integrates with Google Maps to allow you to program in flight paths by adding multiple GPS waypoints to the map. Other autonomous flight features include Go To Home, and Follow Me, which uses your mobile device’s GPS signal as a tracker of your location.

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AirdDroids launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for $35,000 to bring the product to market. A few days ago the project closed with 1,946 backers pledging a total of $929,212 USD (1,089,219 NZD).

“Hitting close to a million dollars and becoming the most popular drone project in the history of Kickstarter validates our idea that there is huge demand for convenient and accessible consumer drone products,” Timothy Reuter, president of AirDroids told TechCrunch. “In the same way that point of view videography, with tools like a GoPro, has transformed the way we tell stories, we think the widespread ability to capture aerial imagery will empower people to understand their world in new ways. We are looking forward to a future where everyone will be able to have their own personal flying robot.”

The company will begin shipping to backers this winter, and around the middle of April, customers will be able to pre-order the drone from the company’s website.

Timothy said that he also hopes to put the Pocket Drone on shelves in stores around spring time this year.


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