Manual Coffee Maker brings back kitchen craftsmanship

About 99% percent of designers these days make us faster, more efficient, and less reliant on other people or our own personal skills. Manual Coffee Maker (MCM) designer Craighton Berman is all about helping us work better, but wants to still give us the satisfaction of making something with our hands. Maybe it’s OK if everything’s not instant, like our coffee.

The MCM is a pour-over coffee maker that allows you to do the work of a percolator. The all-glass design is clean, stylish, and hygienic, with an inverted cone at the top suspended by glass housing.

To use it, boil the kettle, slip one of the Hario brand cone filters into the top of the appliance, put your favourite coffee mug in the opening at the top, pour your custom blend of coffee into the filter, and begin the percolating process.

Craftsmanship doesn’t have to mean building the garage with hand tools or renovating the house, although if you’re capable of that, kudos to you. Now making coffee can be just as manly (or womanly – the MCM is pretty non-gender specific).

Check out MCM’s Kickstarter page and help back their goal of $99,998 ($100k in real-people speak).

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