Facebook introduces Business Manager

Do you own or work for a company that handles multiple Facebook pages? You’ll love Business Manager.

Previously only big companies — million-dollar giants like Buddy Media and Vitrue — had access to Business Manager’s capabilities through Facebook’s PMD (preferred marketing developers) programme, where the companies could build products on Facebook‘s advertising, app, and dev API’s.

On Saturday, 15th March 2014, a TechCrunch journalist accidentally discovered Facebook’s announcement that Business Manager was on it’s way.

We have uploaded the Facebook announcement video to YouTube in case the company removes it due to the complaints which are sure to follow from those in the PMD program.

When the feature is released to everyone (currently only large companies with Facebook sales representatives can use it), you’ll be able to manage multiple pages, with multiple people in your company being able to assume different roles. You also won’t need to be friends with the person to add them as an admin, and you’ll be able to use a business advertising account for each Facebook page.

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  1. Tomasz Smykowski / Websoul says:

    I agree it’s nice feature. Wrote about it more on my blog (in PL): http://websoul.pl/blog/business-manager-facebook-uprosci-zarzadzanie-fanpageami-i-kontami-facebook-ads

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