Data management tool Conductor simplifies data transfer

Conductor, a new data integration platform for businesses created by the startup Eight Wire, wants to take the complexity and messiness out of data management.

The service was started by two industry veterans Jason Gleason and Nigel Thomas who were lamenting the fact that there was no simple solution for professionals working in their field to facilitate data flow. Jason and Nigel had worked together on projects for the past decade, but many of them end up going badly because of data inconsistencies.

“We had a beer and a curry one day, and we were talking about, in 20 years, having the same issues and problems with projects going badly because of how complex this thing is,” Jason said.

“So we thought, ‘Let’s rewrite the rule book and start over.’ It was a spark really, a spark of an idea that we could do this from the web, because we’re just doing it between systems really.

“That’s when we decided to start building and talking to customers.”

Fast forward a few months and thousands of lines of code, and you have Conductor.

Conductor works by allowing people to log in to a website and control everything data-related. There’s a piece of software called an agent that needs to be downloaded onto your computer or server.

Jason compared it to Dropbox. For the service to push files to your computer, you need to install the agent on your machine.

Similarly, the Conductor agent is installed in your system, and through your web portal you can push data into a recording solution while Conductor maps the data and configures the source and destination.

Jason put it to us simply, saying, “We deal with a lot of ugly stuff so you don’t have to.”

So far the system has been bootstrapped and developed entirely in-house.

After Jason and Nigel had the idea, they began discussing the concept with clients and contacts. Then they created some screenshots, came up with a pricing strategy, and gauged feedback.

“Everything came back really positive. Our potential customers were saying, ‘Yes absolutely! We don’t have anything like this.’ That’s given us the motivation to keep going with it.”

Nigel Thomas, an experienced programmer with 20+ years under his belt, then began creating the platform.

“The site has been built in C# and Javascript, and Nigel’s one of these guys who’s just a brilliant coder and knows how to build everything and get it working together,” Jason said.


Eight Wire, the company behind Conductor, has made a mutually beneficial agreement with a large trans-Tasman IT company called WalkerScott.

“They’ve taken us under their umbrella, so they’re providing us with a space and they’re paying us a bit, which is good. In exchange for that, we are working really closely with their developers and with their salesmen, so they get to work with a direct connection to our application, and they can deliver solutions much faster than anyone else.

“In exchange for that we get customers.”

With WalkerScott, Conductor has already moved into multi-national projects, but it doesn’t plan to stop there.

Eight Wire will remain a New Zealand-based company, but thanks to the internet, it will provide tools and services worldwide.

“We’re looking at partnering with some IT software vendors and bolstering what they can do.”

Eventually the service will turn it into a full-service platform so that it stands alongside Oracle and Microsoft as a way for businesses to control their information and use it.

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