ChatON by Samsung revamped with new features

Samsung’s ChatON has, so far, been a largely ignored service that the company offers despite numerous attempts to increase the app’s circulation. Although ChatON is a free messaging system that comes pre-installed on Samsung devices, and is available for download on Android and iOS, most people have never heard of it.

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Samsung originally tried to get user numbers up by offering the service as a destination for conversations between platforms, then they gave it a fresh coat of paint, and when that didn’t work, the company introduced a direct news feature which brings in news from multiple sources like Mashable and AP (Associated Press).

Now ChatON has been upgraded with a new host of improvements. There’s the ability to recall messages even after they are read, which may come in handy when removing evidence of drunken nights, or where …ahem… inappropriate messages have been sent . Users can also send each other their location through Glympse, but the feature we’re most excited about is ability to transfer media files that are up to 1 gigabyte in size.

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We see this being particularly useful for journalists. As news go mobile and organisations order their reporters to ditch the DSLR for their smartphone cameras (like the Chicago Sun Times did last year), the marriage of direct messaging and large file transfers is becoming increasingly necessary.

Of course, in typical Samsung fashion, the app still needs some polishing, but for the most part, this might be the step ahead ChatON needs to finally gain users. Also, why doesn’t iMessage allow cross-platform texting?! Grrr.

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