Amazon seeks to disrupt grocery market with Amazon Dash

Most people will agree that Amazon has completely disrupted the shopping market with its massive eCommerce platform, but now it is going after the grocery market too, and supermarkets should be worried. (Not New Zealand ones though. Yet.)

Amazon Dash, unveiled by the global retail giant on Friday, is a Wi-Fi-connected device that allows users to build a shopping list by scanning bar codes and saying product names out loud. As users run out of a grocery item, they can scan the product before throwing away the carton, or alternatively, they can press and hold a button on the Dash and speak the name of the item.

An Amazon spokesperson told TechCrunch that the device is paired up with AmazonFresh, Amazon’s grocery delivery subsidiary. Once the shopping list is complete, users can view it on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, and place the order.

With Dash, Amazon aims to route another large portion of your shopping experience through their platform. It’s essentially a handy gadget that will hopefully elevate user numbers for AmazonFresh. Experts estimate that the company is seeking to own up to 95% of your shopping experience, and it’s easy to see why. Amazon now competes with the iTunes store for digital downloads, it has its own line of tablets, it delivers your groceries, and it now has it’s own set-top box with thousands of hours of online movies and TV shows.

Amazon Fresh has not yet launched in most of America, let alone New Zealand or even Australia, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be having our kids sneakily adding items to our digital grocery store shopping carts for at least a little while yet. However, this sets a precedent for another level of home gadget invasion, and it will not be surprising if other retail platforms launch similar items to follow suit.


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