Loomio campaign raises $77k+ in 4 weeks, 8 days left

In 28 days, 840 backers have helped Loomio raise $67,024 USD ($77,862 NZD) of its $100,000 USD ($116,171 NZD)  goal for the company’s first non-beta release, dubbed Loomio 1.0.

The new Loomio will feature mobile support and self-hosted versions, while the service’s developers aim to make it “as easy to use as email.”

Loomio works by bringing conversations online to a platform where users can see what others have said, have discussions around topics, and then settle on decisions by polling the group. The concept for it was born when the Occupy Wellington movement collided with ideals from members of the social enterprise hub Enspiral, where Alana Krause and Loomio’s 5 other co-founders recognised a need for a tool to better facilitate group decision making.

The software has quickly gained popularity among New Zealand residents and worldwide organisations, and has been used by some international political parties and social movements to solve conflicts. A recent deployment of Loomio was in Ukraine, where peace activists asked that the tool be translated to Ukrainian in order to help Russians and Ukrainians come to a resolution.

Loomio was also translated into Taiwanese Mandarin recently by volunteers involved with the student occupation of their national legislature, and they are now using Loomio to organise.

Along its crowdfunding journey, Loomio has been featured on several high-profile media sites like The Guardian, Huffington PostCNN Money, and Gigaom (wow!). Supporters have rallied on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and some celebrities have even joined in by tweeting about the campaign.

Anna-Marie Slaughter @slaughteram, CEO of New America, wrote “Check this out! @Loomio is building software that allow everyone to participate in decisions that affect them. https://www.loomio.org/crowd” to her 97,000 followers on Twitter.

Backers have given generously too. 2 people pledged $5000 to the project, while hundreds more have given to the project, and will have their names written into the code. There are now 8 days left on the campaign, and the team at Loomio asks that you support them if possible, and if you can’t donate, share their web page.

Software like Loomio is putting the New Zealand tech scene on the map. Even if you don’t think you will use Loomio 1.0, donating is worth it.

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