For one day only, anyone will be able to purchase Google Glass

Want to become a Glasshole? If you are in the US or know someone there, you may be able to.

The Verge first published details of a document it received a few hours ago, saying that Google may be planning to allow anyone to purchase Google Glass for one day only. Google then officially confirmed this through a Google Plus post.


The post states that the sale will start on April 15th at 6am PDT, and buyers will be able to place their order here.

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Each buyer will be given the option of including a free sunglasses shade or prescription lens in their purchase. Although the post says you must live in the US to buy Glass, you will most likely still be able to get it if you know someone in America who you can ship the device to.

Google Glass has been released very slowly. The giant Mountain View company first began allowing preorders in 2012, then it began sending the wearable device to over 8,000 prominent people who told Google what they would do with Glass if they owned it. The only other way to get it after that has been through friend referrals or the wait list.

There has been several theories around why Google would open up the one-day sale. The Verge’s Nathan Ingraham said, “It sounds like Google simply wants to get the device in the hands of as many people as possible for testing and development purposes ahead of that launch. Alternately, it could be Google’s way of clearing out Explorer edition stock ahead of the full consumer launch.”

Business Insider’s Lisa¬†Eadicco speculated that “the promotion will serve as yet another indication that Google is trying to convince consumers that Glass is worth buying.”

Either way, it seems as if an official launch date is not too far away, and we’re very excited. Time to start saving!

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