Zomato restaurant discover service completely overhauled

Restaurant discovery service Zomato put a fresh new coat of paint on their mobile apps and website last week. Building on the platform that was already in place, Zomato’s developers have added a social layer to restaurant discovery, offering personalised recommendations from the site’s users.

Zomato launched in New Zealand in mid-2013, and has since added over 5,500 restaurants in Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington to their database. Worldwide, the company has 16 million diners who regularly search a list of over 221,000 restaurants for information like menus, photos, contact details, business hours, user ratings, and reviews.

The latest update comes with a lot of changes to the design and user experience that make the product easier to use than ever before. For example, the search flow has been revamped completely to help users discover restaurants with fewer clicks, thereby offering a superior product experience.  Restaurant ratings have been normalized to prevent too many restaurants being clustered within a certain range, and the search algorithm has been tweaked to show more relevant results when users are searching for restaurants. Enhanced spam-control measures have been implemented to keep out junk reviews. Users can now also easily find and invite friends to Zomato from other social networks.

“We felt it was time to stop taking small steps forward in terms of our product. This is the biggest leap we’ve taken, and that’s meant effectively rebuilding Zomato from scratch in a lot of respects. A lot of effort has gone into creating the new Zomato, and we’re very excited with the way it looks and works; we hope our users love it as much as we do”, said Deepinder Goyal, founder & CEO of Zomato.

The company hopes to continue expanding its service to other towns and cities in New Zealand, while adding restaurants in other countries to its database.

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