Big Bang breathes life into digital evolution

At one point or another, an email or unwarranted LinkedIn message about an excellent marketing program that someone you’ve never heard of wants to sell you has creeped into your inbox. Steven Male’s Big Bang, however, is an online optimisation company that doesn’t need to do that. Their results speak for themselves.

Big Bang is an Auckland-based startup that takes good websites and makes them great. Steven Male, founder and CEO of Big Bang, said in an email, “We take your average Joe website and turn it into a gold-medal winning athlete by getting it more traffic, making sure that the traffic is turning into sales, and finally, giving you a personal assistant to guide you the whole way.

“We wanted to make a company that is much more affordable than the classic ‘$3,000 a month price tag,’ while being even more effective, which we have managed to do.”

The idea of an online optimisation company occurred to Steven while he was working on his last startup. He had hired a company to do his SEO, but realised they weren’t making much of a difference and decided to do it himself. After hours of manual data mining, Steven came to the realisation that there must be a better way of doing SEO, and began researching tools and techniques used by companies like Skype, eBay, and Dell. Big Bang, originally called Spork, was born from that moment and has been thriving since.

“To start the company I needed some funds,” Steven said, “so I managed to balance my last semester of university and a full time job while starting Big Bang. Anyone that uses the ‘not enough time excuse’ has to drop that and just do it.”

That diligent work ethic has carried through to Steven’s position as Big Bang’s CEO. For example, on the business’s first day of being operational, Steven had to pick up the phone and cold call potential customers.

“After 2 hours of forcing myself through 50 calls, I was shattered,” said Steven. “But it became easier and more fun as time passed, and to be honest, it’s probably the only reason why Big Bang is where it is today.”

People did reject Steven’s proposal very often, and the young entrepreneur said it was difficult to have them say “‘no’ to his baby.” But as time wore on, those same people who said “no” ended up coming back to learn more about the company. “Initially they just didn’t want to give us the time to explain what we do and how we could be better than what they’re currently using,” said Steven.

According to Steven, the key to being successful is being persistent, which echoes one of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes.

“If you’re not willing to put the work in,” Steven said, “it’s not going to succeed. I’ve tried to start a few companies before, all failing simply because I stopped just before the finish line. The only problem with startups is you don’t know where the finish line is until you’ve crossed it. If you enjoy what you do, then that’s not a problem.”

[Tweet “The only problem with startups is you don’t know where the finish line is until you’ve crossed it.”]

Steven’s advice to prospective entrepreneurs who want to start their own company is to enjoy the process.

“If you get to serious, you’re going to get burned. Have fun, smile and play. It’s the whole ‘work hard, play hard’ idea.”

As for Big Bang, the company has been offering their services to not-for-profits for free in an effort to help more organisations in New Zealand. Ultimately Big Bang will be a Xero-styled company, with a flat fee and full automation, said Steven.

Want to get amongst the action? Head on over to Big Bang, click the top right “Sign Up” button, and start using the 7-day free trial.

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